062312 The Urban Tracker (In Pampanga): The Garden In Maimpis

Lichens carpet the garden walkway in our home in Maimpis
hriving intensely on sandy walkways were the lichens in our home base in Maimpis. 

Our place could be bereft of the amenities but there were always good and beautiful things that may probably be overlooked. Sneaking into the backyard,  I still got petrified on some green wonders.

Papaya seedlings easily mistaken as kangkong leaves
Euphorbias with its bloom in prime
Fractals give Spider plant the radial patterns.
The avocado looked so intriguing above those tree branches but it's still young and unripe for harvest so I shifted into scanning the backyard for blooms. There are the euphorbia's blooms that were delightedly bright and radiant. These spiky-trunked plants were constantly needing attention if you're one constant gardener which I could not but they say there's such one human being with a "green thumb.". I was just a  plant admirer bordering to an enthusiast like I get dazzled by patterns of plant growth like the spider plant with its radial fractal character as it spikes with 2 color segment. But what deceived me and almost was this kangkong look-alike that were actually papaya seedlings.

Looks like dinaing but actually a crispy tortang talong
The house caretaker 'Manong' was speaking in soft tones as he noticed me drooling around and answered more details about his garden growths - his form of diversion being a lone inhabitant of the house. We just gave him the budget to fetch us our water supply in time for our arrival tonight. Manong already left with his wheeler while we excused ourselves for a near lunch at a nearby eatery. I found this vegan dish with sauteed cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, Baguio beans, and chayote but what made it better was the presence of a crunchier and brownier version of tortang talong (fried eggplant) which I mistaken as dinaing na bangus in one eatery.

Entrance to SM Pampanga jiving with my wonderful team
After that garden snoops, my team was ready and in full force for our mall assignments today. We first took our pose before the entrance of  SM Pampanga and we heard of another SM under construction in San Fernando. We were torn into considering which barangay SM Pampanga belongs - Mexico or San Fernando. But we decided that after we got inside and conducted our run. Inside SM, of course, one can't help get in zombifying shopping mode like everyone else but at least I got a good idea on which model and specs of the phone on my thoughts the past few days. I almost didn't notice how nice and well-organized SM Cyberzone. It's when we got out that we agreed that SM is part of San Fernando, not Mexico as reflected on SM receipts from some items we bought.

Robinson Starmills value-added feature is its more relaxed spaces.
Across SM is its perennial rival Robinson Starmills. Like SM, Robinson is also spacious but its edge could be its well-lit hanging garden landscape outside. Glad for the Pampangueno's for having back-to-back malls on this side but Robinson's a hands-down more relaxing place perhaps with less crowd, and time feels standing once inside. But we were really here to escape the heat and waited for the heat outside to subside then go home if we felt sleepy from the aircon.