061612 - The Urban Tracker (In Bulacan): A Creepy Spell In Piel

A bamboo makeshift veranda in our host backyard in Hulong Duhat
bamboo makeshift veranda in the backyard of our host home was a refreshing sight for the morning feel of the neighborhood. 

The wet street from overnight rains hopefully overpowered the heat for our day out this 2nd day in Pulilan and we were headquartered in the innermost part of Hulong Duhat but our innermost thoughts were the possibilities of the day.    

Arriving at Piel with this barangay signage.
It's the second leg of our 40 days around Luzon starting in Bulacan. We just came from Malolos after a melodramatic departure with the dorm owner which led our transfer here in a contact's home. One of the best thing about being away is when you feel you are welcomed by your host Couchsurfing style.  And for few days, we would be resting in this veranda with good vibrations as we were kept in good hands this time!

A haunting silence in the neighborhood of Piel
First barangay stop of the day was Piel, a sleepy and somewhat creepy town in Baliuag. The tricycle driver took us inside the border of what we thought a busy barrio instead we were transported to a place where the only sound you could hear was that of a breeze. My partner and I were trying to call from the compound with what looks like abandoned residences. I heard strange murmurs as we walked the street that has a sheer ghost-town feel. After an almost hour of endless walk and windy ways, we found our hope when we caught a small band of locals in a neighborhood store to ask directions out. Stretch of green landscape rose left and right as the winds slapped the rice fields as we passed by San Roque and struggled our way out to the national highway to locate the Paitan side.

Facing the highway going to Sto. Nino
The highway became our marker for the next round of penetration going to Sto. Nino instead of Paitan. A one-kilometer hike facing the highway to find our route to Barangka on the opposite side was our only option. Neighborhoods here were much look alike with plain greens and small streams of irrigation. After all, we reached the rice granary territory where rice planting still remains a major livelihood.

Rice swaying gently in a breeze in Barangka
After our field task over, the route to Barangka led us in an out-of-the-way unnamed eatery. A hot goto bowl served with chicken parts is what a surprise item. The chicken was tasty obviously from the use of native chicken. The lady who owns the place gave us an overview of Barangka and other succeeding sitios ahead. But we considered it a day for time might cost us for another more than an hour ride back home. 

An authentic tasting goto along the way going to Paitan
The strangeness could give you a kind of a chill going to unfamiliar places, but afterward, time dissolved it allowing you to be cautious...a lot wiser. But take the case of this bentelog we encountered on highways of Pulilan, they got real budget-friendly meals but they got stranger selections of unfamiliar silog meals like Balosilog, Sigsilog ..intriguing which made us forget that eerie part of Baliuag.

Bentelog paradise in Pulilan highway