062112 The Urban Tracker (In Pampanga) Baliti Resort Sneak Peek

Spooky story behind this old cabinet

he house, almost bare except for this vintage antique cabinet, was a reminder of ill-fated memories of what the house once used to be. 

Recounting how his mother died of a long illness in this place, our house host we call manong welcomed us in our new place to wake up in next few days.

Spotting Essel Supermarket
There's no reason to get spooked at all as we settled in this place for practical reasons due to its cheap offer for the 6 of us. 7 days would be enough period to endure inconvenience. So this marked our first day in San Fernando Pampanga in the district of MaimpisWe made the right start by finding a nearby eatery for our craving appetite.

Crunchy dulong omelet in one Maimpis eatery
An eatery nearby was the easiest choice as we found one dish that fits our local taste hunt - a dish called tortang dulong or dulong omelet or silverfish omelet.

Dulong for one is a local term for small fishes or also called silverfish. It is so small that when fried,  it gives a rough and crunchy in texture that makes the omelet extra special.
An Eiffel Tower structure copycat stands outside Essel Supermarket
Order of the day started our assembly outside Essel Supermarket part of the district of Telebastagan bordering to another town of Angeles. We're heading into the interiors of Baliti. The heat was already scorching as we unloaded by the terminal of Telebastagan. It was a relief to see a bizarre-looking structure an Eiffel tower marker replica giving a Paris feel in the parking lot.
Baliti Resort's entrance
After an almost hour stint inside the interiors of Bgys. Panipuan and Malino, we were now heading to the stretch of Baliti area. Along the way, we made a short stop to one of the resorts located in the area named Baliti resort. From the entrance, the owner met us and took us inside welcomingly.

It's all blue in Baliti Resort in an afternoon ocular.
There were not much resort goers at that time with the heat peaking under the searing sun. But every weekend, expect a good attendance the lady owner said. She toured us around while proudly describing the area to us with its large pool and facilities. The entrance  70 per head overnight (then), rooms at 1,500, cottage starts at 300..... reasonably priced for a family bonding or once-in-a-while break.
A lady peddler on the wheels
Heat defying ice candy - papaya flavor
Leaving the resort, the padyak lady driver caught our attention as she came to a halt. She's peddling an ice candy after hailing her to see what she had to offer inside her cooler. She brought out a thirst quenching ice candy papaya flavor, nice to have a roll on one once in a while in defense of the heated afternoon.

Our temporary boarding house that looks like a school in Maimpis
Once back in our rented place before dawn, we bonded for the rest of the daylight reducing stories to fun over coffee from the day's roundabout. The front view of our place in Maimpis from outside had an impression of a classroom from typical elementary schools. Nevertheless, we made a toast of glee over all the things intriguing or not, hope against ill-fated as we were yet to conquer and learn more about Pampanga.