061712 - The Urban Tracker (In Bulacan): The Boy Among the Shrubs of Calantipay

Ricefields as far as your eye can see in Calantipay
icefieldville! That's the Baliuag countryside we anticipated today. 

The other day we had secured a rundown of sectioned maps of barangay from Baliuag's municipal hall to gain an overview of our destination and manage our routes especially those rural sitios but guess what? Hectares in size!

The irresistible tandem of guisadong bagoong and fried eggplant
Our starting point was on the crossing of DRT Highway and B. Aquino Avenue for a few meters walk going to Tangos Mini Market proper. We were eyeing tp reach that market in Tangos before we searched out the inner commercial parts of Catulinan, Calantipayand Matangtubig. All these three areas were accessible only by tricycle ride with separate roads to take.

But before that, we discovered an eggplant and bagoong meal in Delfonso Eatery on B. Aquino Ave. corner DRT Highway in front of Puregold. Their bagoong came in sweet and salty kick making it smashing with a slightly grilled eggplant.......dreams of our cravings fulfilled although we treated it as breakfast.

Something is grilling on the roadside Could this be the Baliuag lechon?
On our way to the market, I found something more mouth-watering that's being grilled behind the covers. Could this be the Baliuag lechon? Or just my conclusion or suspicion. But as soon as we made a transfer, elsewhere there were something more inviting the least we expected.

Rice drying are normal on provincial roads but a sword-like wood is an intriguing barrier
The afternoon's fine by the time we were brought to the edge of Calantipay's ricefield. We arrived in front of Calantipay Elementary School and inquired on local kagawad for a little courtesy. The town leader pointed us to the borders where we could find the last outlet. We decided to walk in a lull to feel the provincial breeze. The farmers taking advantage of heat laid their rice dryings along the road. I noticed that a swordlike figure was actually a wooden barrier.

That little kid hiding among the shrubs is asking for some coins.
Which led me to catch up a sight of a little kid hiding among the shrubs in the edge of the neighborhood. He might have been intimidated by my presence so I called him up and offered some coins which he gladly collected and kept. Her mother appeared later and took him home.

Ginataang puso ng saging is more fun eating in rural setting
Gladly a stopover store and the lady owner cautioned us not to go beyond the border - its already part of Apalit, Pampanga. Since afternoon was ripe, we opted to have a lunch in her place. That's the time she revealed her newly cooked and impressive ginataang puso ng saging. Thank God He knew our native taste hunt. The nice lady kept us entertained while in a meal with her local tales while fixing up her ingredients for banana cue. She gave a bonus banana but I guess her pear-shaped avocado she just harvested in a nearby tree looked more inviting.

Freshly-picked pear-shaped avocado 
That gave us a motivational boost to fast-forward our assignment to Catulinan, and Matang Tubig which were all village points in the middle of the vast span of ricefields until we made our way out of DRT Highway via Concepcion for another and final leg of our count for today.

DRT or Dona Romualdez Trinidad Highway is a commercial and booming avenue in Baliuag where big warehouses and establishments start mushrooming like the SM Baliuag, Home Depot, Honda, Puregold, Better Living and numerous hardware and auto supplies. I did my SM Baliuag stroll and shop the other day and for the dayender my last target outlet - The Home Depot which stands in the middle of green fields.

A rare rattan folding bed sold along DRT Highway 
Would you believe outside Home Depot, was a sight of a carabao grazing in a nearby farm. It's already a part of Sta. Barbara when we asked  the lady along the highway with her interesting enterprise. She is selling these handicrafted foldable beds which is a rare find stuff nowadays. A handicraft foldable bed is something I never seen in Manila or anywhere - it's awesome that something like a foldable bed to be fashioned out of our local materials which is bamboo.