012212 - The Urban Tracker (In Quezon City) : Botor's Eye For Straight Guys

There's something so right, there and its peculiar in this photofinish. The swag is not intended but the drama is orchestrated . The result is somewhat distinctively inviting and glazed with oozing sex appeal.

That's the mark and effect expected for photographer who handles the actual shoot that makes Mr. Yhoung Botor, a sought-after fashion photographer here in Regala Tower. His approach fresh yet impressive  is carving a niche for him. Shot by shot seems to be his burning discovery,  that he earns from his apprenticeship from Fashion Institute of The Philippines .

The photos speak for itself. The motivation and drama is obvious. The outcome - a fashion charm so enigmatic, crafting his own mastery - or mystery I guess. In the first shoot day of Hawla, the perky, confident, and i might say - hypersmart shooter - easily breezed thru the set aided with cunning eye and a magnitude of patience as he clicks on with his lens. But the mystery I guess is how he kept it fun, a casual play.

He captures Jonron's cherubic smile that makes him picture-perfect sexy actor - truly captivating.

The fashion is edgy and high with profile photos done for Mygz Molino. The emotions are raw yet the innocence is sheer. Botor's photography gives a fresh motivating force and never fails to breed organic reaction.