080711 – The Urban Tracker (On PNR Ride Encounter) – System of the Damned

Since we are in no hurry, my sister & I took an alternative way going to Alabang ….via metro train railway. We took our ticket from San Andres and just like in LRT/MRT she went to all- girls section while I am in to regular male dominated section. I can tell my sister’s excitement for it’s her first time but will turn to dismay after we took the same ride back home.

Its no wonder  commuting public take this cheaper alternative but the management of Metro Train my sister observe fail to anticipate and underscore  the  inconvenience. The surge of commuters for instance during  Sundays take its drastic toll to commuters squeezing through tight  crowd. Management should implement a volume control for number of people to enter the coaches to avoid more injury, discomfort. They should advice commuters not to take a chance especially when crowds swell. There are children and senior citizens who may be part of the pack and get hurt in process.

PNR should also be strict in checking tickets so as not to have a feel that train commuting is a free-for-all. Obviously one can get a way with free ride here much to unfairness of those paying commuters.  Or they can have one door entry and one door exit policy, to do away with conflicting flows. Some passengers find it hard to unload easily to the destined terminals because people rush in to the entrance thus blocking their path out. 

916 in Tayuman April 2004
Obviously, there’s a lack of discernment on part of management and more severely the management is not trying to respond to these manageable scenario. If PNR continues to slacken and ignore, then it will spell another doom of our railway industry and our trains will go back to its damned rusting sickening sleeper state where it was once.