080611 – The Urban Tracker (On Courtship) : Asotea De Ja Vu


There’s a space that opens, rushing in, for tonight’s sweet and lowdown here in a so-called asotea as a familiar visitor came by in a manner so unusual. Asotea, an open-air  small receiving area for my guests  with  potted ornaments and overlooking view of  neighborhood streetlife torched  by streetlights leads before the interior sala.

The dampened surrounding  from early rains make it right cool for tonight’s  teasing, titillating and tickling moments. Singing over by mobile senti tunes like I Can’t Wait Forever, the moments are naturally romanticized. My dear visitor is an apprenticing choir member that I have to pace the rhythm with my musical flare. The next thing that happened my visitor volunteered to cook our snack tonight when rain and some snooper friend interrupt.

Over a yummy instant pancit canton snack, the moment is savoring with warmth and lightness. Awkward it may seem but my hands organically lock on him, I guess that’s the beauty of courting stage despite the modern lifestyle only we have to fill both our appetite and hearts after all.

There’s a language of songs only hearts can conceive, a soulbinder that belongs to the old school style. Harana or kundiman or kundirana if they are combined, is now extinct and can only be seen on those old LVN, Sampaguita pictures. These old courtship practice evokes the sweetest and most respectful way of wooing a boo or 'sinta'.

But now there are countless and more unfamiliar ways to express and have a fill of bonding, it’s up to us to nourish and that rolls us in the deep.