080511 – The Urban Tracker (In Cavite) - Alone In Carmona

My mom and I took no time at all after learning of my uncle’s death going to Carmona. The night blanketed the streets when we traced our way to the wake when the downpour of rain starts. As his peaceful face revealed on his coffin, his memories cascading inside me.

My uncle, Conrado Palmares, died in his sleep in the first daylight yesterday. My aunt told me his last request was to drink a coffee instead of a meal. My aunt took care of him since he was sick in his makeshift house within the compound. He died without a real family to take care of him.

Once he hinted he had a family when he lived and worked in Mindanao but faintly remember the details. That mystery will just remain one and so unsolved until this last day. We knew he was contented living on his own not considering a partner. He went on doing rounds of his street peddling. The last phase of his life he wanted to fight to survive until sickness brought him down.

His life is a lesson of surviving alone; that he is reminding me now not to take the path. Though I have not made him feel that he is not alone ; his spirit and his voice will always be around to guide. My tears just rolled down because of my misgivings to him and the lesson will never be put to vain.