080111 – The Urban Tracker (In Pasay) - Bubblegum is Not Allowed…At Queeriosity

That’s the reminder posted on the counter…Makes no sense but then silence is the rule once you step inside. So I proceed calmly to changing slippers, turning over the keys, cellphones, change to towels in locker area,  after paying the night’s promo. It’s my 2nd time here in Queeriosity – a bathhouse after Borakay and Kris prodding and insistence. My reluctance would somehow turned to indulgence.

Once upstairs, You can only see the outlines of hosted lights on the corridors. Men clad  in towel moves restlessly like busy moles. There’s the bottom hunters  who just flashes their chiseled body much to salivate the pack of them. And there’s the top lookers who walks like going to flea market looking for a prize goods but here there is no bargaining. Only eyes speak here and some whispers. If you are with  company treat them as a stranger. You know it’s a close deal when  you hear a screeching of the door and some reverberating squeals.

The only difference tonight is the shuttering thunderstorm outside. Like an Amityville horror building up in the air, but it only adds up to the night’  eerie sensation with Amy Winehouse's “Rehab” as background. But its no substance  for men of different shapes,size,age built  breeze along taking another prey, walks so on and so forth like a peacock prancing inside the aquarium.  GB's are here tonight taking either a character or reinvention.  And Spice Girls can say it’s 2 Become 1 or 2 or 3 or 4. Your agenda is your act like I have one. But then in every fun to spread, there’s a condom ahead.

So the name queeriosity says it all, and Lady Gaga told us that we’re on the right track we were born that way.  So this underground thing is here to stay, unless there’s no more hungry like a wolf.