072511 - The Urban Tracker (On P-Noy SONA) : State of The Witness

It’s the same cold reaction like last year and I am not afraid to shut my ears this time listening to Noy’s 1st year report. It’s pointless listening to someone who has bought a Porsche while the rest of us are in tight moves due to increasing transportation fares coupled by burdening price increase of basic commodities. I also expect him to leave GMA to face her mistakes, but mentioning her again is like you wanna be a star in expense of another.  Forsake the issue and struggle  find a niche for himself.

Addition to shocklisters are those whistle blowers, Bedol and Ampatuan who seeks for redemption by turning statewitness to alleged election fraud. But judgment doesn’t spare one because of coming forward but what about the time left out , the manner and motive of contemplations were also in question.  Who’s gonna believe that they are as renewed as they are so convincing?  Star witness are forgotten heroes...shades!

Of course, GMA has to face her music in the end with all her alleged liabilities. She’s a hot momma for all these wannabes and breakthrough figures....trying to reach the stars. But the poor people are tired, na├»ve and antibiotic with all the inflating prices like in the end of the day we have to outlive another game of life without resentment to the government who has deafened to  their needs. P-Noy, must try to depart from his exterminator image,  try to  neutralize the economic equation...to earn landslide points, unquestionable nod and a star badge.

But If Michael Stipe tells me I'm gonna be a star, I am more inclined to believe......