072811 - The Urban Tracker (On Incubus Concert) : If Not Tonight, When?

Residues of rock alternatives: Incubus
By the summer of 10 years ago, local airwaves were dominated by rock artists led by Deep by Binoculars, Wherever You Will Go by The Calling, Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse,  19/2000 by Gorillaz,  Numb by Linkin Park and the emerging underground  act  Incubus  with  Drive.  Unbelievably, Linkin Park emerged with highest album sales worldwide that year.

Incubus Drive is the fourth cut from the 1999 album Make Yourself that drove them to mainstream pop,. Led by vocalist-percussioner Brando Boyd, Incubus already hit underground popularity since forming in 1991 so subtle with albums Enjoy Incubus & S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Tauted as  among the remnants or last carriers of the alternative acts that no wonder they sold albums with their follow up  that year Morning View and just recently If Not Now When.

It’s not the band's 1st time to hold concert in Manila. In 2008 they came here that time NU 107 was still up in the air. So however gone were those days of going alternatives, Incubus concert tonight would drum up a thought that alternative is not dead and with fanbase alive despite the generation of American Idols and teen poppers Miley and Justin.

So roll up your sleeves alterdudes, typhoon Juaning may have folded from striking the city,  never mind who’s gonna win the Azkal-Kuwait duel tonight, this may be the final night to witness the inimitable Incubus.