072911 - The Urban Tracker (On Watching The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection) : Winning Edgyness

I almost missed watching  The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection Season 2 hosted by the unassuming Imam who filled in the shoes of Kelly Rowland who hosted Season 1 and the ever insightful Isaac Mizrahi with resident judge Laura Brown. In the top 3 finals,  I was rooting all along for Jeffrey Williams to win with over Calvin Tran who clicks for this season because of his quirky attitude. I found out Calvin has already established himself well in the industry and he has been supporting his  advocacy of Gay Men's Club with his love for his dying lover. But Jeffrey has the heart of a designer as he recounted his mom’s support for his passion before it passed away and his full understanding of woman's body. Dominique is simply a promising talent at age 21 and she has a long way to go. 

It was such another entertaining reality show that reveals how tedious, pressuring the job and the industry of fashion designing  at the same time unmasking the characters. As in the words of co-host and consultant Isaac, “Just enjoy the process”, that means its not enough to have the mastery of craft but also applies as being the team player to come up with a cohesive theme as a group and ultimately nail a collection that is edgy.

Here's a behind the scene of Jeffrey's winning look courtesy of Tresseme'.