072711 - The Urban Tracker (On Making Of An Indie Project) : Shoot To Tell

So proud that 2 of my friends have already embarked on their showbiz career via indie film projects. Paul Singh Cudail, my cross Indian-Filipino friend has his debut directorial job for the indie film, Kubli. He earlier offered me to do the script continuity but our skeds don’t meet. He already had this title in mind years back when he was still a hopeful in Mowelfund crash course on scriptwriting. Now at least it’s coming to reality thanks to Ronald Rafer and his Golden Pot Productions outfit .

Joric Raquiza, a Ngiinig protégé  also just launched an indie entitled ‘Aangkinin’ . I almost became part of this project that was shot since last December and only got a playdate recently. I can’t believe this project lasted almost a month to shoot that made it costlier whereas a regular indie film only has 4 day shooting limit with a budget less that 500k.

Under such tight budget, you don’t need big artists to play the roles unless they waiver their talent fee if they see they fit the role or the project interests them. Planning is also the key in executing an indie film with such budget constraints to do away with excessive expenses and exercise control. Mostly the people behind this project has dedicated spirit never mind the slash on their talent fee. When you have a good story to tell now it’s not impossible to put it into life. Look at where Brillante Mendoza now, who is I guess the most popular indie maker. His films were internationally recognized and even adjudged in Cannes as best Director.

So it’s no wonder popular celebrities have now high regard to Indie films. It’s the story material that gives it an art and who wouldn’t want to be a part of such opportunity that gives more source of pride. So it’s really inspiring to hear Eugene Domingo recently accepting the best trophy award for Cinemalaya.I have to eat shit to win this award!” and literally she did and won the critics nod for her film Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank.”.