121410 - The Urban Tracker (On Regine's Wedding Bells) : The Face and Heart of Mrs. Songwriter

There’s an impeccable uneasiness in the air when I caught Regine Velasquez in a glance taping for the pilot episode of “I Heart You Pare” opposite Ding Dong Dantes in Malate gay strip. We were in streetside of Chelu to witness the orchestrated street dancing and float parade ala mardi gras, Sigh, I remember its Gay pride month;

Maybe it’s because few days off now she will be tying knot with of course as Mrs. Alcasid. The roundabout continued last Sunday in Party Pilipinas, the song bird was obviously trying to resist her overwhelming feeling. And maybe her final TV appearance as Regine Velasquez in transition as Mrs. Songwriter..

With Maggie Wilson releasing an erotic prenuptial video may seem to be preemptive of ecstatic. But Regine’s face outlined the expression that borders from nonchalance, natural to vulnerable. That’s what gives character to her persona that makes her a challenging subject for impersonators. And of course, refreshing but classic.

But one thing that make Regine stands in mind is her heart. A long ago, she was invited as feature performer in a school presentation for deaf students. My sister who was part of the production recalled that Regine came and professionally and willingly took part in the program and after her performance, she just left turning down a small talent fee. She was a big name at that time and it was grateful to learn her acts of generosity and charity.

The best is long overdue for her, all her uneasiness must come to end and for one it’s easy to say all of this for the diva who has a good soul. I asked one of my friends to do some sketches for Regine’s cocktail dress on her wedding and of course his ideas grow with a fancy for our music icon.

But here's one nice Regine duet at PP.