091910 - The Urban Tracker (In Cavite) - Wind It Up At Imus Terminal

Banana Q, a popular Pinoy snack item looks very appetizing in Imus terminal Arcade. 

y appetite was almost bursting on the mere sight of that tempting banana Q as I was about to take my last ride home at  Imus terminal when an old friend appeared from behind. 

It's Ate Tess, great scot! It's been 2nd time bumping around with her here in this spot. This time no more second thoughts as she asked me to hang out in one of the terminal joints.

As expected, It's another of those pretty cool seedy karaoke bars - a stopover for those seeking solace. On this Sunday rush, it's weird to be in chillax mode but it's worth sometimes to get stranded and catch the missing rhythms of time. The server guy tossed the mini pail of ice on our table followed by a glass for each of us. Such a courtesy to pick up from the moment, I started pouring the Red Horse beer soon foaming with ice.

A Red Horse beer and a glass with ice make a hang-out moment a spry.
We're almost done with our chat round that she couldn't contain to tell the server guy to drop the coin for that certain song by Imelda Papin. The tune she perfectly mastered for years that I would love to hear her sing. In between her belts, I was already scouring for my comfort songs on the songbook. All along I was rooting for the 80's tune of Heaven In Your Eyes by Loverboy. But I ended up with EBTG's  Didn't Know I Was Looking For Love and Soul Asylum's Runaway Train.

At her most beautiful, Ate Tess in all smiles. You will be remembered forever. RIP
Karaoke has never failed to poke fun with Ate Tess just by looking at her radiant smile, how could it not be infecting? Her endearing presence she kept despite everything that came her way. For the most part, It's a blessing I met a good soul in her apart from the tales of her survival which was endearing to hear. There are some people's lives that can never be our own but definitely, we value. But seeing Ate Tess today in all her moments of happiness, she owed it to her honesty that looks like she didn't screw up at all.

Just like late Mike Francis said in one of his songs, just  Let Me In my tribute to my late friend Ate Tess, a wonderful soul and a tough survivor.