093010 - The Urban Tracker (In Manila) - The Rejection Case At TSPI

As I attended the final deliberation of our group as a qualifying stage to avail of the microfinance loan on TSPI, I have noticed this tough she-boy for past 2 days now. Though I never knew her, she's part of the team and only to get frustrated to learn today that she didn’t qualify for a loan.

During introduction, the loan officer cut her in the middle after she introduced herself as having a “live-in partner.” Then later, the officer had to explain that having a same-sex “live-in partner” doesn’t fall in their category therefore is not qualified for a loan. I felt its very unfair to judge a person in the basis of her personal life not knowing her ability to fulfill her obligation.

I really felt bad that she left the place very dejected. She could have been told earlier about the rules so not to waste her time. I learned that she is working in a call center and she’s gonna use the loan to start a business with her partner. And for another, I really felt more bad that she is also a human being just being herself but some kind of circumstance can displace her just because of her gender choice.

I think committing adultery is more of a sickness than being a queer. Our government should not promote the culture of hatred. If it has passed laws recognizing the rights of the physically impaired , what about gays and lesbians who are of sound mind who have made great wonders to our society?  Who wouldn't like to see more the likes beauty guru and philanthropist Ricky Reyes, or the quintessential Ellen Degeneres.

Some weeks ago Lady Gaga has come forward to oppose a law banning gays from US Army.  And she's speaking in behalf of the androgynous community she represents. She was once rumored to be a gay herself, but with Lady Gaga making a plea on Senate against this unjust discrimination; she makes a strong statement if you listen closely on what she said.