092710 - The Urban Tracker (In Mandaluyong) - Meet Me Halfway At Boni MRT

Few days ago, I had a business appointment to conceptualize the tarpaulin details for our foodcart signage. She would be coming from North area and I am from South so we have to agree on meeting in the middle of nowhere in Metro Manila. The more convenient and accessible way, I suggested, was to meet somewhere among the stations of either MRT or LRT. So it was in Boni MRT where we agreed and later transferred to a fastfood for a sit down talk.

LRT and MRT stations are located in Metro Manila’s focal points and there are people who conduct their business by meet-ups and usually the easiest way to meet is a reference to an LRT-MRT stations. In Sulit for example, product deliveries posted by advertisers are made by meeting up in designated LRT/MRT near points or in the principal malls near the stations. LRT?MRT points are ideal rendezvous points for its easy-to-locate stations reducing meet-up failures or getting lost and MRT rides are faster than any transports to get on time or earlier.

Also LRT?MRT are identifiable landmarks that is easy to locate especially for the first-time meet-ups. Years ago I met two Chinese who was asking to be their guide to see the Old Manila. I just instructed them to take MRT1, then go MRT3 and get down at Legarda Station. Then from Legarda we darted our way to Quiapo until we ended up in Intramuros fortress.

There’s a facebook page with an inquiry board, Metrocruising via MRT/LRT. It is designed for both locals and tourists alike to put up a meet-up point near or by MRT/LRT stations to conduct business, organize group assembly. MRT/LRT provides the best alternative in rush hours for those constant commuters to beat the odds of traffic, time; and in some practical way, getting lost when you have an appointment with someone whether its your first meeting or just for a transaction.

This video is shot inside the moving train, very fit for the tune of Free by Lighthouse Family