092610 – The Urban Tracker (On Remembering Ondoy) : Ondoy Shocker

The worn out cabinets, furnitures are starting to wear away but we decide to keep it that way instead of replacing it for fear that another flood of magnitude like last year’s Ondoy will happen. Seeing the once glamorous furniture makes it more memorable recalling where I got the strength then to move, carry, evacuate those staff in just matter of hours during the rush of water.

Of course with neighbors helping hand, I was able to lift up the refrigerator on our kitchen shelf after I had carried a television, souvenir china wares and other valuables upstairs earlier. But still I had to keep in check for waters to rise inch by inch before it reaches other permanent fixtures and topple the rest of our cabinets, oh well farewell. My body was damp and soaked wet, I just had to pee in my shorts. Slumped in a chair, just like any other waiting and praying for waters to recede, who would have a thought the whole morning rains would be equivalent to a month-long rainfall volume.

Those images still lurking inside my mind like the dirts and remnants of damage it incurred on our cabinets, furnitures. It was more a shocker on other devastated areas, for hundreds of survival stories told, there were hundreds of lives , the homes. It was pity and sympathy both for everyone in the wake and picking up from the scratch. No one was spared, poor and rich, bowed to Ondoy.

Those moments will always condense as a reminder to always be calamity ready. Prayers and faith will of course be our last relief, but preparedness and prevention should be our daily habit and action. The other day I was watching an excavator dredging a river with its silt full of garbage. 30% of the uncollected garbage goes to the rivers according to DENR. The least we can do I guess is just discipline in throwing our garbage properly in order to prevent clogging our drainage and riverbeds.

Watch how Quiapo underpass became a big swimming pool in this cut.