092510 - The Urban Tracker (In Quezon City) - A Cigarette For A Candy At Ever Commonwealth

It feels like time hanged inside the Ever Gotesco Commonwealth Supermarket this afternoon making circles around the shelves and racks. I tried those promos for taste to go like a brand new iced coffee and the instant champorado. And it gets complicated again especially on confectioners and candies section where there are lots of brands and varieties to choose from. The packaging colors burst like kaleidoscope making my head spin from Jelly ace to lollipops. But soon this one candy caught my attention and I immediately put it in my basket trolley.

It has a deceiving look of a cigarette. Even the candies packaging itself imitate a stick of cigar. I thought  how come  this product camouflage here. Sure it would fascinate the kids to try it but it gives a bad feeling for kids to view cigar as candy. I wonder how did this product get a seal of approval? A cigarette for a candy makes it look for kids to appreciate cigarettes, that's a bad market catch.

Also in the news, the cigarette issue has to be outgrown by some doctors, medical practitioners. It puts them into badlight as health conscious people Though for some its stress relieving but its time this hard habit to break must not be consented by PMA.

Here's a short video about cigarette courtesy of Ben Folds Five.