092410 - The Urban Tracker (On P-Noy Hotdog Meal) : No Deal for P-Noy On-The-Go Meal

Is there a big deal of P-Noy eating out in hotdog joint in streets of New York for 54$ bill in the midst of his state visit? I don't think its the right publicity to portray a 54$ dollar hotdog as a frugal alternative for a state visit . A 54$ or Php2,500.00 street hotdog can already make one typical Filipino family meal budget  for a days or even a week.

P-Noy does not need to be flashy on what he eats and all the stuff even his government promises to be a frugal admi. Its too insignificant publicity to underscore his street eating activity as to highlight his government's thrift trust. Would Obama mind eating our kewk-kwek, bola-bola on streets if he would come vist here? Certainly unpresidentiable? Presidents are under protocol of course.

It is more a big deal if P-Noy comes to realize that street food is a floating industry in our country that needs attention in regulations and potential job creation. Other countries like Taiwan, Thailand,  street food industry has become a tourist attraction. But certainly Philippines potential is very apparent as we are a nation that has come to love the tusuk-tusok in the streets.

The boom of foodcart franchise signals that we are going on the road of that specialty food accessible to the public.That is because of the spirit of entrepreneurship.  If P-Noy brings in the funds from his trip to finance microbusinesses, more jobs and opportunities will be created here.

A friend of mine who is into food cart making business told me that there is such great fulfillment in helping a jobless neighbor earn thru her business opportunity.  If P-noy could go on streets of New York, he certainly can access any specialty foodcarts locally and can earn more of pogi points if he realizes this.