092310 - The Urban Tracker (On Mooncake Festival) : Mooncake & Madness

I wonder why mooncakes are so expensive. They can range from 100 to 150 pesos or more for piece for popular brands like Salazar or Eng Bee Tin. But today I got to taste the varieties from lotus seed to mongo courtesy of my sister who shared me her dozen mooncake gifts from her Chinese students. Like tikoy,  mooncake is worth craving for and very significant opportunity for Chinese to observe mooncake festival also known as Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival.

Chinese observe this by feasting, moon gazing, dances and the partaking of the mooncake wedges usually taken with tea marking the end of summer and start of fall season or scientifically known as "autumnal equinox". It is a time of the year when night and day are of the same length. It also brings cold spell as daylight shortens before winter sets in. I found this documentary that can be referenced on the origins of the moon festival tradition.