092210 - The Urban Tracker (On Charice Glee Debut) : Where She Belongs

I guess its like a wildfire when everybody tuned in to cable and online waited on the update stream on Glee’s season debut featuring Charice appearance as Sunshine Corazon. It was Sunshine Corazon who first the threw the singing lines inside the comfort room and she engaged Rachel Berry in the face-off singing test with the cover of Lady Gaga/Beyonce's Telephone. And in culminating scene, when Charice stealed their awe and everybody’s moment with Beyonce’s Listen. Most Filipino viewers turned and the long time Gleeks have the thrill and even even have goosebumps seeing Charice doing a par excellance rendition.

Even local celebrities ride on the twitter frenzy, and other international names like Josh Groban made their positive tweet comments. I miss the surging moment in Twitter and even Facebook when all converge and raise our flag for our national pride – Charice.

I can understand how the moment filled us to brim seeing a talent who was once struggling to make a name in local scene despite her dimunitive constraints and uncommercial appeal. Charice is our modern day Nora Aunor who rose from her ranks tracing her early beginnings in Jessica Soho Reports, only his fame is meant for Hollywood proportions. Charice truly belongs to everyone of us, and I am glad Charice didn’t bind himself to the whims of any local nework. If that happens, that means she has nowhere to go, look at Billy Joe Crawford once worldwide fame reduced to hosting a game show, because he gave up following the road up there.

There’s truly something to look forward for Charice hopefully her career continues to fascinate the whole world for she belongs there not here. And she follows Lea Salonga’s example to chart her down in our history.