092110 - The Urban Tracker (On Coded Promos): A Fortune In Codes

I used to keep receipts and text the purchase receipt codes in the promo Premyo Sa Resibo sometime ago. Well recently I realize the promo is still around and active when a guy handed me a leaflet for instructions to join. Of course, indexing their main site will show you the latest winners and details of their mechanics.

The code texting promo bandwagon is very much an "in" thing nowadays if you are going to check out some. In a way, perhaps it’s one way of monitoring purchase by the texted codes by the product owners and at the same time promoting convenience of not having to go thru mailbox stations where to drop the raffle coupons, the snail mails with enclosed proof of product purchase. And in another way, it also saves time and effort for contest makers to conduct raffle draws on TV setting up mountain of mails with girls on the background either dancing or swimming on them.

Happy joining and may the force of the scratched codes be with you like this Marian-Ding Dong one!