091810 - The Urban Tracker (On Solar Powered Products) : Soak Up In The Sun

I decided to skip the Franchise Expo today having gone to 2 consecutive expos. On one occasion, I found this interesting piece of item which I bet would be a hit  if China decided to mass produce it. It's a solar powered mobile charger you can carry and charge everywhere, a must stuff especially for backpackers, constant traveler, remote site workers who don't wanna miss a thing on mobile alerts given a good signal.

The product is Solargizer. It has a 5.5 volt solar energy panel via USB port that supports gadgets from camera, I-phone, GPS, Mp3 , PSP and of course the mobile phone. It has alternate plug for wall charger too with a longlife 1350Amh Lithium-ion Battery. They sold it around Php 800 pesos which was not bad.

Those solar-powered laptop chargers were nowhere to be found but in Ebay..These chargers are emergency friendly for situations especially during calamity and disaster times when electricity is knocked down.

The solar-powered garden lamps are mostly imported from abroad. One particular solar lamp here has a brand of Silicon SolarUS product which also sells  power kits, fountain kits, electric panels, heating systems and others.

And for the advent of Christmas its good to know that we can now shift from using electric powered to solar-powered Christmas lights which we can check in Alibaba or sold locally. These energy saving ideas can save us from rising cost of electricity and also our response to encourage use eco-friendly products. But there is this one intriguing solar powered jars like the ones from Quirks Novelties &Curiosities. This one interesting video makes it so awesome to own one.