091610 -The Urban Tracker (On Hip Dancing) : Rock That Body

Watching reruns of America's Best Dance Crew helps me appreciate the the best of the art that is alternative dancing among the competing crews. In local adaptation, we have Showtime showcasing just as how variety and resourceful groupie productions can get...but as a daily show I can't help but get fed up.

In essence, it explores Pinoy's innate dance talent that also includes camaraderie and team-playing . Long before,  That's Entertainment gave us a daily dose of these dance productions even going theatrical. Every week a winning daily group was proclaimed winner - (if you remember the Wednesday, Thursday group). And even long before, Pinoys were in high demand for production numbers in Japan - we can simply shift from doing  folk to modern.  And in seedy bars and in fiestas, dance group performances have allotted call-time.

But extremely saddening was the recent news about a production number that gone pfft after a pyro prop malfunction in Olongapo. A choreographer lost his arm and dozens hurt when a powder exploded in the middle of the number. I guess this should prompt authorities to ban use of pyrotechnics in production numbers to prevent accident.  But then these are accidents that are unexpected yet preventable if rehearsed. Well another culture of dancing has emerged this decade which is that of  flash mob dancing. The hip already invaded Manila last year courtesy of the Jollibee event in MOA