091710 - The Urban Tracker (On Whistleblowers) : Tweet Bird

Even the whistleblowers also give up in the end. That's what happened recently to Sandra Cam after announcing her withdrawal as key witness of the almost-forgotten jueteng expose'. Whistleblowers at first stake their prestige and credibility as the prime witness to an anomaly or scandal but why get disillusioned in the end. To compromise their heroics of exposing makes them less convincing yet credible. Surely time has its factor in long standing investigation. Who can forget the ZTE scandal blown into proportion by former confidante but what ever happened to the case?

Accusations or allegations will always remain unfounded and should be comfounded with a valid and evidence. Take one interesting story that is one good interesting CSI episode where a woman got away with her pregnancy in the airplane to the point of leaving her baby in the garbage. Whether it was intentional or not, it was clear that there's an abandoned child to prove the point.

But scandals that have been tweeted by whistleblowers have investigations that ran for years now could be tiring. When wheels of justice is slow, that's where the suspicion of tampering enters in. In the case of Sandra Cam, she gave up the wait, she may have her own reasons, but time must also open a page for her.

That is why some drug syndicates have chosen a bird who won't change a thing. A bird was captured in a buy bust operation in Mexico after acting as look-out or tweet bird.