091510 - The Urban Tracker (On Valuables Loss) - Design of Our Own

My friend lamented the loss of his 39k I-Phone the other day from a thief. The least I can do was listen as he recounted the incident after all it's his 10 month old pet and its of original built who would not agonize. On my mind;  I could have traveled Singapore for 2 with what its worth.That's the trouble of losing a valuable much like a feeling of being stolen of a pet dog.

But of course, we his friends advised him to file for police report since he knows the suspect. And consoled him with the thought that he wasn't threatened like some rabid holduppers. Ber months is around the corner so consider it their heydays.

Then he confessed that this is his 2nd in series to lose valuables starting from a camera, some cold cash just some months back from another thief - a maid they hired from the unsuspecting agency.

There's truth that no matter how careful you try to be, when it's meant to lose, it has to. Well he also admitted that he's into some kind of memory displacement, he suspects the side effects of glutathione shots he has been taking regularly.

Summing up his self-blame, it only proves that carelessness for misplacing valuables is next to stupidity from being too flashy and flaunting. We become unaware targets of crimes of our own unconscious design. But looking at the unaware audience who became a part of a treat by Oprah, is always worth one's jealousy.