091410 - The Urban Tracker (In Quezon City) - Wallpapering Quezon Memorial Circle

There's something unexplainable in the afternoon promenade here in Quezon Memorial Park aside from its obvious makeover. Perhaps it's more about the people who have chosen this place to spend time in lull. Time seems to bend a little slow around here. Like everyone else around, I share the parting of space that settles eventually and that unknown awakening.

The grass outlines can easily inspire abundance of thoughts. The monuments are temples of our tribute to poke us to some historical past. Of course, of all memories we can try to make a good one here. That's how enabling this spot for  us to commune with nature on hand, I can't help but get poetically profuse but then I can't help it.

Few good landmark parks have been preserved to make it look more like garden and dotted with trees. And maybe today it has come top of mind. Rizal Park is too open and needing more trees to breathe life. Building a park in a polluted city needs more presence of trees to purify the air. Even pocket gardens can lessen pollution.

Other countries I observe, cities are punctured with parks and are landmarks themselves. Theirs occupy big spaces in prime big lots in the cities - a sort of planned landscape. Even so, they have fully maintained its garden outlook thus making the city accessible for public's hideaway. And like a paradise too, cities look more picturesque in photo shots. But  sad to say,  our country has more malls to showcase and only few good parks that make good photo backgrounder or yet a wallpaper.

Anyway It's relaxing here in my bench with those thoughts just come playing on and off as I am waiting for someone. I cannot deny my romance of this moment so why spoil it when  its worth one's time to reflect and stress away. Parks that have quality to inspire like this I dream to be more accessible. Parks won't replace the family bonding venue than malls can ever give.