091310 - The Urban Tracker (On Future of Ukay) : The End of Ukay Paradise?

For 50 pesos, I bought  the korean styled pants from the ukay stall in Faura where my sister always scout for bargain deals. It’s the last phase out sale today and my sister claimed they sell away down at 20. For her  50 is too expensive for a second hand stuff and she is right. She gave me more tip on checking for damage, discoloration of items, fitting on them to ensure it really fits, washing it before use. But if you have an eye for style, you can walk the street way and flaunt a stylish find announce it's just cheap and from UK.

TUCP (Trade Union Congress of The Philippines) also agrees on the debacle this pending tax imposition would cause. Hands-down clothing or ukay is declared as non-good by Bureau of Customs but a long time law Republic Act 4653 in review  states the prohibition of importation of these items. Ukay enjoys tax exemption from The Customs the reason why  it has kept its price under par and it is still booming. So I think I am lucky I still got a pants at 50 and who knows it will never be the same again.