091110 - The Urban Tracker (In Pasay) : Bizarre Biz At World Trade

Today is the 9 year anniversary of the ill-fated souls of World Trade Center bombing. That's a snap of memory while I am here in World Trade Center Manila to catch the last day AsiaFood Expo 2010.  I still keep the ID released to me a week before for the Franchise Expo and realize its still valid for today's expo.

From bakery equipments, cooking demos, designs;it's delighting to get some updates and some new showcase didn't disappoint me. Aside from catching Shivaker hosting an unusual cooking demo, it's great to note that there are some exhibitors from China despite the recent hostage trauma.

It's mooncake festival so I guess that's the reason Eng Bee Tin is one of the exhibitor. Well I have my slice of mooncake few days, but I miss their specialty hopia.

Its also nice to see the some fancy food carvings and cake decoratives. There is one cake that resembles the winning butterfly cake by a Filipina chef in UK. My fondness for cupcakes is awakened.

This manual pasta maker makes a good kitchen buddy to create your own pasta.

This equipment is a wine dispenser. You can get a wine of glass from a dispensing machine just like a soda and ice cream. A Coca cola dispenser makes a good collection.

These are not beaded bracelets, but they are new designs of donuts soon to hit the market craze. Move over scrambles! This twisted potato takes over the scramble fad!

At last, the chocolate fountain with free taste.

Welcome finds! Assortment of nuts and the original vermicelli from China.