090810 - The Urban Tracker (In Makati) - Bodybumping In Ayala Walkway

Just few minutes coming out of Enterprise Tower from Ayala where I got a ticket booked for my sister at Etihad Airlines, I already hit the Ayala walkways with racing steps towards Glorietta. I have entered the connecting path together with other pathfinders when it gets narrow with renovations going on.

A guy walking ahead of me is suddenly bumped by uncaring guy going towards our opposite direction. The guy in my front obviously hurt and blanked on the moment. He wanted to cry foul but left it unsaid when the guy who bumped him just walk away and never said sorry at all.

I felt offended by the discourtesy and disconcern of this bumper guy. He knows the pathways not narrow enough he can avoid bumps just like any other. He may be suffering from awkwardness or loss of balance but I still don't get that he walks away like that. He may dismiss it as accident or just a part of it but hey Glorietta is not a pandemonic place unlike MRT. Accident or anyhow, still it deserves an apology if we hurt strangers or passerby. I wonder in more civilized places like Glorietta, crap like this exist.

We don’t live in streets of New York where bodybumping is common. Even in streets of Manila we have been used saying excuse me for a favor or sorry for a minor hurt to strangers, but  inside a regulated place like mall its another thing. We can call the attention of the security guards to report these nuisance bumpers and warn them for their behavior. Or at least warn them its an unjust vexation in our law. Sorry seems to be the hardest word sometimes but it pays to do so especially in the public. And its a public disturbance looking at the man at this Verve video, how could he be so heartless?