090610 - The Urban Tracker (On HK Cold Effect) - An HK Tale To Remember

Newspapers recently headlined the cold effect to HK’s government apparently due to the recent hostage taking heist. The deteriorating relations hopefully would mend better in time.

A friend who recently flew to Hongkong felt this hostility when she returned. Reports of dwindling local tourism is just a part of blow.

In my travel to Hongkong before, one story remained still on my mind as were told by OFW’s I met. It’s a story that made a splash before in local Filipino community as they were published and headlined in OFW’s own newspaper The Sun.

The story as told and retold is about the Filipina helper who worked in the household of one of popular HK pop artist Jacky Cheung. One time this Filipina accidentally found the pictures of Jacky Cheung which were sprawled in garbage and about to be thrown. This Filipina kept this picture maybe she wanted to have souvenir or just keepsake of her popular employer. Then when Jacky Cheung learned about this, he fired her and were sued for malicious grounds of stealing the pictures. Could be a flimsy ground, but some say there’s something in the pictures that Jacky thought malicious and could be used against him.

The Filipina stressed it was just a fascination to keep a picture and she was supported by Filipino community in her battle to the court. Eventually the controversy faded and the Filipina won the case and returned home and was unheard of. That piece of news never really grew wild in our local news.

For now, we join HK’s mourning for the souls lost in tragic bus mess with this sweet remembrance of long ago collaboration of Jacky Cheung & Regine Velasquez.