090410 - The Urban Tracker (On The Rise of Eugene Domingo) : Saturday Best

Eugene Domingo must be grinding like carabao for this Saturday as she appears in Wish Ko Lang to give in to a fan wish, as a Jejemom concerned with her sons Bekimon tendency and as a stand-up at Comedy Bar where Allan K call each other 'best' as terms of endearment.

Albeit, Its undeniable that 'sabado' is Eugene Domingo's and her finest hours have arrived, a far cry  from her days pinching as bit player, radio talent, extra for her initial break-in as she said in her previous Startalk interview. Her first TV stint as field correspondent in defunct talk show Ms. D led to many movie supporting roles until a gamble which is Kimmy Dora that became a surprise hit ultimately cementing her spot in the comic genre.  Friends propelled her to what she has become, she recalled too on the fame that never came too fast for her. As to date, moviegoers fondness of her flock for her new flick Mamarazzi.

What's endearing about Uge'  is  maybe her profuse dialogues on the longings and desperation of an old maid or spinster (as she appears to be)  for love and it comes so honestly effective and her point of connection (or sale) to her audience. When she applies spiels with sharp comic attack and that is what her theatrical training works for her.

I  like her shrugging reactions and some mild hysterics playing dual characters in Kimmy Dora. It was hilarious when she blew it out with some words of wisdom. When she confronts her loneliness issue, she makes it very effective when she throws a fit especially with Ces Quesada in SRO presents Hot Mama  opposite Wendell Ramos.

To quote her wit in Kimmy Dora: 'Rejection is the greatest aphrodisiac!"; and maybe that paved her way to become our comic darling, our comic bes.

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