090310 - The Urban Tracker (On Evading Dengue) : No Tawa Tawa Matter

With reports of supermarkets brisk sales on anti-mosquito products and kids having daytime classes in pajamas. These are the days for the growing scare for the Big D - the dengue. With latest DOH report on increasing cases and deaths - a new strain of dengue could be on swing, precaution not panic is the answer.

In Jessica Soho report, the dengue-carrying mosquito species of aedes aegypti,  the so called gay mosquito usually fly lower than 6 ft.  Constant rains recently have contributed to their proliferation that we have to double check to eliminate their breeding ground. There's also reports about healing properties of tawa-tawa plant, coco nectar or the browned apple but these are yet to be medically confirmed.

With Marian Rivera taking a visit to her her fave sidekick Buboy Villar who was hospitalized after stage 3 dengue and is now out of danger, dengue now has become a face that does not discriminate. Even Kris' sons were struck by dengue some years back if i were to recall.

Anyway there's new products designed  to join the ranks of  traditional sprays, coils, to combat against mosquito . There's a  a bracelet with a repellant plate like the one from Parakitos. Another is the Bye Bye Mosquito Repellant , a patch with anti mosquito citronella scent and another is the Earth Tones hypersonic that produces sounds irritating to mosquitoes.  They were all featured in recent episode of Fulltime Moms.

I haven't known Downy has anti-mosquito properties till I saw this ad.