090210 - The Urban Tracker (On Unwanted Pinoy Behaviors) : Frogsters

Reptiles have transcended into stereotypes. If they tag you as 'ahas' (snake), that means you have secretly trying to snatch another one's lover or for a buwaya (crocodile), they think of you as a kotong cop (extorting cop) or yet to brand one  a kapit -tuko (geko lizard), you must be clinging so desperately to power, fame...and lately, if they call you palaka, that means you have an itchy tongue ready to spill secrets.

Its one thing to listen, it's another to believe.

A careless whisper from one itchy tongue can trigger a misunderstanding. At least one must protect by being careful in spilling out something and as a friend its implied secrecy code. When you don't know how to recognize what should be said or better left unsaid can make you better or less a worthy person in judgment of your circle of friends. But of course, a friend has his free discretion.

Another unwanted Pinoy habit is unsolicited intrusion, could be simplified into situation where in a friend who intrudes you for a favor without a warning. It could be a form of gatecrashing coupled with a unwanted insinuations. This kind ignores mobile texting and  prefer to come to appear to you like genie in a bottle. This is a very disrespectful habit that some of my friends still do and it's not very prosperous to friendships unless you don't do anything to stop it.

Freeloaders and swearers could be distant relatives. Freeloading is probably another sick habit that is very anti-social when done repeatedly. Being practical is not always beneficial but when you gain a reputation. Receiving is their way of life and they disappear after they swear they will be the dealer next time.

The least to do is avoid them for sometimes. Even longtime friends when you confront them about it try to evade it, worse look for a scapegoat not to admit it. In a way, time will reveal who really deserves your trust. And for everything, it comes no surprise that it comes to an end.

Here's some ways to detoxing a friendship and this video could be of help.