090110 - The Urban Tracker (On Showbiz Villains) : Who's Bad?

What makes Harry Potter, Darna, Superman, Amor Powers endure in our memory? Of course, without their arch nemesis Lord Valdemort, Valentina, Sir Luther, Claudia they would have gone to oblivion.

In today's QTV's Fulltime Mom's, villain players Rez Cortez and Karen de los Santos talks about how they fit in being antagonist but both agree its hard to break the stereotype. They divulge that it requires a great intensity to be convincingly hateful while Karen admit the inconvenience of enduring public bullying that carries on playing the mean role.

In local terms, only Eddie Garcia has the successful crossover from villain to protagonist over his spanning sterling career as Famas Hall of Famer. While in Hollywood,  I can only remember 2 wicked roles that were given Oscar nods - Hannibal Lecter by Anthony Hopkins in Silence of The lambs and the Joker by the late Heath Ledger  in The Dark Knight.

Notable baddies on local scene are Cherie Gil from her famed 'You're nothing but a second rate!' cliche. There's no deserving Valentina than the turban-clad Celia Rodriguez who also carries with her the intimidating presence. And Jean Garcia was a revelation as scheming Claudia in Pangako Sa Yo .

But the real mccoy or so-called authentic villains are those insidious and unpredictable like the illegal recruiters, corrupt officials, brutal police officers. Kindness can be deceiving, some unforeseen and unpronounced antiheroes are lurking somewhere especially on the hearts of the jilted, disgruntled. Telenovelas on TV always have element of revenge and maybe the real war to tackle is on the psychological side. Look how Hannibal Lecter managed to escape imprisonment using Clarice Sterling in expense, what more of those scheming fews who are out in the open can do?