083110 - The Urban Tracker (On Native Deli Cravings) : Minor Minor Cravings

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My sister prefers to buy smoked fish, dinaing or tinapa brought from supermarket in vacuum bag or wrap like the one from Carmfoods. Its sealed and branded to ensure the quality and freshness as compared to buying tinapa in public market usually wrapped in newspaper. That is sort of unhygienic since the moist from the fish will absorb the carbon or chemicals from the prints of newspaper that can contaminate the food.

But today as waters trickle from the roof outside from rains, my sister unloaded the tuyo from his stockpile given by my uncle a month back from Capiz. Its scales is shiny so its still fresh and she prefers it cooked directly without being drenched in vinegar. It comes in yummier still in pair with appetizing Barrio Fiesta's bagoong and dilis omelette.

Now my taste buds memories bring me back to munching those drenched sayote tops and cauliflower on oyster sauce sometime ago. But aside from Bonoan bangus dinaing, I am also a fan of sopas especially when I use bechamel sauce instead of milk.

But the killer dish is what my sister kept in container so I can microwave it. Its the adobong tilapia with okra, eggplant and ampalaya seeping with juice once hot and of course a little spicy to perk up for rainy days.