082910 - The Urban Tracker (On Larry Alcala's Legacy) : A Slice of Tribute

Mr. Larry Alcala's signature caricature
artoon strips, crosswords used to be a popular visual diversion and engagement the time when spreadsheets and written media were in their heydays

Who could not forget particularly that exact eagerness and excitement in hunting that Larry Alcala self-portrait concealed among his cartoon depictions of Pinoy’s daily life in his “The Slice of Life” weekly edition supplement at Weekend and Sunday Times Magazine?

Slice of Life is a depiction of Pinoy life with a hunting engagement on the side.
Those were the days of cartoon romance boosted with the challenge by Mr. Alcala’s tactic of employing the hunt. From his minds indulgence,  he created one of the most unforgettable Kalabog and Bosyo,  the detective tandem who most likely to figure out in lousy situations that gained massive followers. Watching Kalabog and Bosyo's  movie version of Janno Gibbs and Dennis Padilla, I realized Mr. Alcala’s mettle in the humor of Pinoy roots.

Now, where in the world is Mr. Alcala? FYI, he already died in 2002 from the heart attack just a few hours from checking out the hospital after he fell ill and could not submit his regular contribution. 

Clothing line like Freeway Solo coming up with limited edition tribute shirt for Mr. Alcala
How prolific is the man? Just check the compilations of his “Slice of Life" cartoons now being shared on his Facebook page. It's good to note that clothing labels like Solo/Freeway came up featuring artworks of artists in honor of  Mr. Alcala imprinted on their shirts, bags and other items. And made a contest to receive them as a prize.

It's truly worth immortalizing the work of this renowned cartoonist like Mr. Alcala whose works came with antics that only meant in his lifetime where spreadsheets and tabloids were then our main source of infotainment. Too glad that witnessing the eventual phase-out of this medium, that internet took away from us, nothing can replace that basic feeling of the cartoon hunt indulgence courtesy of Slice of Life.