081610 - The Urban Tracker (On Classic Fairy Tales): Classic Tales Catch-Up!

Best-Loved Children Stories collection
y 3-year-old nephew started asking me to read him stories and with this book I stumbled obviously an overran from book sales. 

The hardbound was after all a collection of Best-Loved Children Stories and each story, a refresher of those classic nostalgic tales.

Thumbelina in her flight to nowhere.
A childless lady once planted a flower in her garden where she discovered a thumb-sized girl Thumbelina unfolded from the petals and ever since Thumbelina regarded her as a mother. Thumbelina got lost after forcibly taken by a frog who wants to marry her. She met a field mouse who healed the sparrow which helped her fly back and be reunited with her mother.

Androcles passed the obstacle taming a lion.
Androcles fled from the hands of the enslaving Emperor and sought to be an ordinary fellowman when he met an injured lion. He helped heal the lion and they forged a friendship. The lion would save him later from the wrath of the emperor in the Roman Arena and he was set free.

Icarus escaped with Daedalus after they were held captive in a makeshift wing.
Icarus, the son of Daedalus burned his makeshift feather on his escape from Crete. Icarus failed to listen to his father who warned him not to get close to the sun. They fled from Crete where they are imprisoned in high towers after a chance to escape when the emperor asked them a favor to build a huge labyrinth to imprison the legendary Minotaur.

The Wild Swan is about breaking the spell to release the curse from being a swan.
The Wild Swans is about the breaking of the spell by Elise whose long lost brothers fell under the curse to transform into wild swans. To break the spell, she had to make a cloth made of rose petals and wear them to swans to return them to their original form.

Gulliver is a story of an accidental hero as revered by Lilliputian.
Gulliver used to be a surgeon from London who was in a ship tour when it was knocked away by waves and washed into a strange land of little people called Lilliput. He became their hero giant as he played their servant before he was rescued by another ship.

The underworld is about the wrath of Hades that sent Persephone serving the curse of winter.
Hades, the God of Underworld fell in love with Persephone, daughter of Goddess of Harvest,  Demeter. He made her eat 6 pomegranate seeds to the displeasure of Zeus. That explains the legend of winter that came to the earth because Persephone has been sent to  Hades to serve in the Underworld.

Rip Van Winkle reawakens in a new time.

Rip Van Winkle fell in timewarp after drinking wine and fell asleep in the enchanted mountain of Catskill for 20 years. He woke up but his town folks didn't recognize him no more. He already lost his home and his family.