073110 - The Urban Tracker (On Jejemon Phenom) :The Ticklish Jejemon

I thought Jejemon is a sister or brother of Pokemon or Doreamon when I first heard it. The word itself is cryptic in its actual meaning when I found that it describes a certain habit or manner of txtspeaking , or an inventive fashion statement. I want to describe it as a ‘jolog’ mutation, but ‘jolog’ connotes another meaning and had its own timeline.

Today Jejemon was awarded the word of the year beating Ondoy and Korkor in Sawikaan 2010. Now I understand that this recognition simply put this cultural phenom to our mainstream acceptance. It was in mobile txtng I had my first encounter of the jeje trend texting that I realized now that it evolved into practice from just making an impression, or being creative text crafter. And fashion wise, its just another statement with a trademark Jejecap

Now can you transcribe this cryptic Jejemon text!

Ang pgbgsak ng JEJEMON

Isang araw..

JEJEMON: h30ww pf0ewh!

HARHARMON: ¿mv>lI "6nv7vd 6uIsI6I6v>l o+3H'o>lv¿ow vmv9 ¡uIp 0773H


Clue : read upside down