083010 - The Urban Tracker (On The Hostage Taking Aftermath) : The Blow Monkeys

Its been a week after that appalling hostage taking and its sting has yet to diminish. The damage hopefully not irreversible. But its disheartening at the same time our fellow OFW’s in Hongkong bearing the blunt and ire of the Chinese. Its understandable of course. But what I was aptly convinced are the branding comments about how brutal our police can become. And how P-noy played safe instead of dealing with it hands-on.

The recent police torture video scandal precedent has been reaping angst and now this hostage crisis and to add insult - the bus picture taking, there must be something wrong with the PNP rearing their ranks. How it becomes an unworthy profession in our eyes now becoming a police can camouflage as  insurgents.

And there is the media feasting on the scoop. Its disorderly conduct is unacceptable counting along the crowd that jammed the scene. There’s a truth to the homily in Quirino Grandstand today regarding about the greed in society. We have been shown its excess can be bad after all.

So today I wouldn’t be surprised that people look for an outlet. Like the opening salvo of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition  the classic of the most extreme reality show. We need a diversion to drift us apart from the excesses of these sort. An entertainment of this kind to consume like a gulp of wine by a distraught.