082810 - The Urban Tracker (On Pop Phunks) : The Pyramiding Discernment

I don't know why I have the urge of shutting the tube or shifting to another channel whenever I see Sarah Geronimo. This girl is obviously overrated apart form the fact that she has no international recognition to make us proud. Sorry to fans but Regine Velasquez was once the best selling Asian artist at her early 20's and now Charice at 18  put Filipinos to world map with her latest Glee stint.

Kudos to John Lloyd who propelled her to box office success but even then reading Nestor Torre's reviews on her recent movie and a new TV project gave her a failing mark. But popularity right now is defined as only brought by publicity, or overrating not the recognition unless we redefine it. There are sure other better artists who are just waiting to be discovered who really got that inborn spectacular talent.

Sorry for being critical, but there seems to be lack of discerning on what popularity should be that we forget those really WHO bring honor to the country like the math wizards,  sportsmen, cheerleaders, choirs who fought to raise our flag abroad but sadly less highlighted.

But recently I found a disturbing accusation about Charice as displaying manifestations of  Illuminati. I think Charice is just a target of bad publicity knowing she is not even fully aware what Illuminati is. I heard about them in Dan Brown's novel, but I guess Illuminati is best understood in this link. They say Kanye West and Rihanna are displaying patterns of Illuminati symbolism. And now there's the one by Manny Pacquiao. It's up to one's discernment.

Here's a video that tells Charice is showing sign leaning on the movement.