082710 - The Urban Tracker (On Helpful Strangers) : Send In The Angel

My friends Abby and Jill were about to give up the Divisoria hunt for that elusive foodcart maker when we met a street peddler who gave us a tip and direction to find Zapp. We were able to locate it in Recto extension and we got the calling card, with a little tension from its slum ambiance but it was exhaustively fun.

Circumstance can sometimes be playful when you least expect it, to meet a stranger who will give you the final clue that spells a big help. Its like solving the next itinerary clue in Amazing Race.

Sometime ago, I missed the last commuter trip in Lian Batangas going to my homebase in seaside Matabungkay. I was forced to go by foot and passed the darkened highway hoping for any vehicle to show up. And in my desperation, I was doing the hitchhiker hand gesture when an owner type noticed and stopped me by. The middle aged man on driver seat gave me a lift and took me to a 5 kilometer ride to my destination.

I can only do so much than thank that person whoever his name. And for the many situations I forgot to ask the names of the strangers who chose to be anonymous after being warm, nice, and helpful; they have a place imprinted in the tomb of my gratitude. Maybe this randon acts of kindness help generate more of those beautiful strangers....