082510 - The Urban Tracker (On The Tragic Bus Hostage Taking) : The William Baldwin Question

What could have transpired inside the bus in the height of the tragic hostage would have gone like this?

Of course, we felt the landslide of blames unfolding afterwards. The bungling of police operation, the uncontrolled crowd, the backlash of racism vs OFW's in Hongkong, the media overexposure - all of these summed up the disgraceful aftermath.

Many would have answered the William Baldwin question easily but what is more regrettable is no matter how much other Filipinos strive to do good, if we can't discipline our brother to commit a crime against dignity and respect to innocent lives, we’re still doomed.

There's not much words to describe the magnitude of that tragic hostage incident. One thing is common - it deafened our conscience. It should have been declared national shame day instead of mourning by P-noy.

The damage has been done and it was quite a show for our damned brother. For our next Rolando, here's an advanced damned tribute.