082410 - The Urban Tracker (On Venus Raj MU Placement) - Major Major Pride

Just as deafening sadness and anguish hovered in the morning air from grim aftermath of hostage taking last night, Ms. Venus Raj barged her way to the Miss Universe Finals much to uplift our broken spirit and undefined woes.

It was a redeeming moment for aspiring countryside girl who figured in a bumpy start and everybody already knew her story and struggles before making it to Miss U. She was almost dethroned, saw her humble beginnings as she was featured in her send-off Wish Ko lang episode. If she however used this experience in answering the final William Baldwin question, she would have placed better than 4th, But I guess the recent heist put our country in bad light might have influenced her ranking.

Nevertheless, Venus Raj is a vindication and much an inspiration. She returned our glory in the pageant we thought we lost luster and haven’t seen a delegate in finals since Miriam Quiambao placed 1st in 1999. And she answered her question in very honest tone with her “major, major” expression spreading like virus in text and in social networks.

This is the finest moment where things work for Venus like all the moons and stars aligned and smiled at her. Her making it to the finals pacify us in wake of national shame last night.

Many became her instant fans, her fan page shot up and internet trending favored her. The crown may be elusive but this day she becomes important and I must say in a major major way. She saves our pride, our hopes when the world is pointing fingers on us after the tragic hostage.

So advertisers, make sense! We’re tired of pop phenoms to rule our choice for endorsers who hasn’t given us a national pride but shame. And for the fans, this is a fun watch!