082110 - The Urban Tracker (In Cavite) - The Fried Bread Project In Citta

My sister  and I started our first product experiment of what we call fried bread or kariman as popularly known. This is my chance to test the functionality of Midea multifunction cookware as the cooking needs to be adjusted from medium mode to controlled heat.

In absence of trays, we decided to use big porcelain plates to lay out the bread crumbs. She also coached me the right way to seal the stuffing inside the pre-soaked raw bread.

I preheated the pan filled with lard oil to the half. And I already have the first batches ready to fry. She had to stand by me alongside to tell me the right color for the breading before bringing it out of the oil. Well I have to fry and fry until I succeed in coming with the right color, well the breading takes easy to cook so I have to watch out not to get it dark browned.

And after an hour, shazam! We have done it, 3 flavors in variety of shape. We have the chicken flavor in square shape.

The pork flavor is in triangle shape. But the stuffing is not sticky enough to the bread, we observe that we will revise the consistency next time.

And the roll shaped are the beef and ham flavor. But we still have to improve on the stuffing on our next test.

One fried bread can make one full. We made 48 pieces and its ready for taste test! My choice is the chicken flavor!