081810 - The Urban Tracker (On Willy's TV Show demise) - Ego TV

I don't know but I felt sad not after seeing Willy's demise from afternoon appetite courtesy of Wowowee  but what is going to happen if his tiff with his home network prolongs. I can see only one man standing on the end.

There's no denying that Willy rose to fame masterminding a noontime show to stake a claim of its success. Along comes the influence, the freedom to be his own with his inflating pop cult appeal. I can see the camouflaging ego coming to the fold.

Willy can be staking the multi-million perks that comes with his distinction as a noontime show master. His being money magnet is non-issue but the insults from being downgraded thus losing the show. Its his continuity he is fighting for he decided rescinding his contract with home network. And the rest we will just watch in spiral.

I guess his home network misses one important element in the contract with Willy – that is the humility clause. Well I guess breeders breed, and somehow they are responsible if their pet misbehaves, towards the end, they can just scratch their head.

And as for Willie, he reminds me of a lion attacking his own master.