082010 - The Urban Tracker (On Bullying) - Isolating A Bully

My nephew and my cousin's son Reese are very much engrossed watching Ben Ten this afternoon when we visit her my cousin's La Joya home. Snacking on, we were talking about the bully-proof bill filed by a congressman on the news. Looking at the kids we can’t help but thought about pending bullies they meet along the way.

Bullying is like a trigger happy behavior from some unknown tripper. But its more than the tripper itself here that is the enemy, it's the source of this behavior that must be solved.

And hope if this law be passed, programs to address this behavior should be effective. Suspension is  just temporary option as disciplinary action. Attention should be given to rehabilitation. DEPED should also give warning cards to schools with high incident report of bullying.

To isolate a bully, that is the question for the school institution to implement but I think not in this case.