121713 - The Urban Tracker (On Skyway Bus Fall) - Road Unworthiness

Photos by GMA News
Its frustrating to think that 18 lives are lost and bus companies just treat it as another bad predicament and blame it on fate in face of the latest bus accident in Sjyway . What is alarming is that  - it's one of the serial accidents involving a bus and the sky way in the last 5 years.

We may have newly constructed highways and widened streets but its all useless either when the bus driver has lack of discipline to observe safety precautions or the buses are no longer fit for safety travel in this case the worn-out tires are to be blamed. Part of the reckless behavior is the compensation factor - the drivers are not paid monthly salaries, but in commission basis.

Photos by GMA News
Philippines is mostly a commuting nation and our public transport is an attraction to the tourists. How can these commuters will have to trust the transport authorities when this current condition jeopardizes their safety?

Our government should look into strict implementation or revise safety measures especially on buses that plies high risk highways. Even more, adapt a technology for buses like bus seats designed to reduce damage from impact and cushion the passenger from being hurled like ragged dolls and suffer shard blunts into the metals.

For sure, technology like this is already in reach. And if considered with caution, we will not break the series of more road accidents. Just looking at the clip below shows how people can get entangled inside the bus at height of accident. But again if drivers are armed with discipline, this will not happen.