082210 - The Urban Tracker (In Manila) - San Andres Got Talent

My fiesta funfare started last night as I was invited to judge a dance contest. Of course, the dance groups came in assembly of forms, costumes, numbers and even some include a kid in their ensemble, well for a cute relief I guess.

But this little kid with a diaper malfunction still managed to dance all the way among his macabre dance mates. And its good to see this MJ wanna be strutting with the rest altogether in a Thriller tune.

This old woman getting a good view among crowd choking the stage front. A dog looks disoriented finding its way out.

This very morning today , every street looks glittery with banderitas like these, a carnival for some restless kids.

The street peddlers selling colorful toys, balloons, ice creams are starting to gather around.

Karaokes, street party, parlor games, revelers.Without these traditions, a fiesta like this
won't be complete.


Later I was invited by a neighbor for an eat session, one of our friends serenaded me in sweet violin music over an ice cream dessert.

Its evening again after the rains, the gay contest is the highlight with the parade of gay beauty look-alike of Katrina Halili,, Dawn Zulueta and Iya Villana.

Dawn Zulueta was crowned the winner of the night!